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You can find here the creations of our participants during the workshops we yield. Our shows are in Spanish, German and French, Enjoy !

If you want to know more about how to work with your own groups and to achieve a podcast, we might inspire you with our experiences, please check our Case Studies :  ”Radio V.I.T.A : Making voices be heard” HERE

STOP STIGMA by La Xixa Teatre (Spain/Spanish🔊)

« STOP STIGMA » is a podcast to share the voices of young adults residents of Mataro (BCN) experiencing stigmatization based on their cultural or religious identity. They question prejudices and stereotypes in order to reduce the discrimination they face.

Episode 1(We discuss about Stereotypes and Prejudices analysing news paper’s articles.)
Episode 2(We tackle discrimination creating our own news show!)
Episode 3(We reflect on discrimination thanks to the testimony of our guests.)

The Sex of Angels by La Xixa Teatre (Spain/Spanish🔊)

« TheSex of Angels » is a podcast to discuss, share opinions, desires, fears and worries about sex and sexuality during the confinement caused by Covid-19.

Episode 1 OPENING DOORS(The participants share their ideas about love, sex, satisfaction and trust.)
Episode 2 VIRTUALITY AS THE NEW REALITY(We discuss virtual vs. real relationships, and if confinement is making us perceive virtuality as more real than it used to be.)
Episode 3 THE RELATIVITY OF TIME(We discuss how time and means influence the relationship we have with ourselves, with the others and with sex.)
Episode 4 VIRTUALITY, IN SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS(We reflect on the how virtuality can offer a road to happiness and pleasure to some or many people in time of pandemic.)


Transforming the way we look at disability by La Xixa Teatre (Spain/Spanish🔊)

« Transforming the way we look at disability – a conversation with ECOM » is a podcast to share the hidden voices of young women with disabilities. They dismantle prejudices and stereotypes that affect them in their daily lives.

Episode 1 WHAT IS CREATIVITY?(We discuss what is creativity, how it is part of the participants’ daily life and how it helps them expressing their emotions.)
Episode 2 DOUBLE BARRIERS: BEING WOMEN AND HAVING DISABILITIES(We discuss and dismount stereotypes and discriminations suffered by women and people with disabilities.)
Episode 3 LEARNING TO BE A GIRL(We investigate how society teaches girls to be girls, and what they give up during their childhood in order to fit into the assigned role.)
Episode 4 MICRO-DISCRIMINATIONS(We use short fiction stories to give visibility to the discriminations people suffer for being women and/or having disabilities.)

PODCAST129 by Stand 129 (Austria/German🔊)

PODCAST129 - Send us your voice messages: In times of corona and exit restrictions, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves. We want to counteract this with our project Podcast 129!

Episode 1 Podcast 129(Week's topic: What are you most looking forward to when public life resumes?)
Episode 2 Podcast 129(After nearly 2 months of lock down, our topic was « What did you find out about your apartment? Do you live alone or with others? What do you hear and see when you look out the window? And do you notice anything new now that you are more at home? »)
Episode 3 Podcast 129(Our last topic was: « New normality)

Sugar Honey Black Tea by Stand 129 (Austria/German🔊)

Sugar Honey Black Tea is a collective of Black people in Vienna with a single goal: to give Black voices a stage. A stage to shout, to laugh, to cry, to complain, to educate, to have fun. This is about issues that may not have been issues for you before. This is for the culture! This is for us! This is Sugar Honey Black Tea!

Episode 1: This is Sugar Honey Black Tea(This is Sugar Honey Black Tea)
Episode 2: Home(What is home? Is it a feeling, a state, a place, a person, or a bit of all? In any case, it is a word with a long history and many definitions. In the pilot episode, we devote ourselves to different understandings of this heavy concept in terms of its history, its understanding, and its meaning in political discourses. Is the concept of homeland too loaded and thus obsolete, and is there still room for a complete, unified redefinition? We would like to thank our interviewee Alia for her willingness to share her perspective on the concept of homeland with us. Speakers in this order: Alia, Iris, Maffeu, Anna - Moderation: Emily Chychy, Yves)
Episode 3: Home - Interview with Nenda(We are going into the second round with the topic (Heimat) and have brought in a guest. The artist Nenda managed to place her personal examination of the term (Heimat) in the charts with her song (Mixed Feelings). In the interview, she talks about the creation and meaning of her hit single and how she felt about the reaction of domestic media to her song. She also chatted with us about growing up in Tyrol, her beginnings in the music industry, her current life in London and revealed which reactions from fans touched her the most. Moderation: Jeanne,Aida, Guest: Nenda)

VITA Podcast by élan interculturel (FRANCE/FRENCH🔊)

Voices from outside realities from here (Voix d'ailleur réalités d'ici)(Four women living in France express their feelings during lockdown.They imagine ways to fight against inequalities..)
I am an Other (Je est un Autre)(Two young professionals working in the cultural and social field in Paris share with us their lockdown experience linked to social inclusion.)

Radio Pom et La Seine Mouvante par Radio Activité (FRANCE/FRENCH🔊)

Radio Pom and La Seine Mouvante are two podcasts in which educators and trainers question the interest of making children believe in Santa Claus and the codes of politeness


« LOCKDOWN EXPERIENCES » We asked people who had participated in our workshops from all over the world to tell us about their daily lives.

Episode 1(In Irak, Senegal and France. They focus on music, refugees camp life and cooking, (RAMI, HASSAN AND HIP-HOP AND 2020 CREW))
Episode 2(In France, Armenia, Irak and Lebanon. They focus on music and family life (MADELEINE, YOUSSEF, JANDA AND SAIKAT ))
Episode 3(In Senegal, France and Turkey. They focus on anxiety and commitment (ISSA, SIBEL, CLOE AND CHEIKH FROM GUEDIAWAYE HIP-HOP))
Episode 4(In italy and France. They focus on work. (FLORE, GIANPIERO, BENJAMIN AND LAURE))
Episode 5(In France and Italy. They focus on childhood (MARCO, GIORGIA, OLIMPIA, RICHMA AND LOLA))
Episode 6(Focus on experiences in latina America ( THI BAI, CLARA MATHIEU AND MANUEL))

VITA Podcast by élan interculturel & Radio Activité (FRANCE/FRENCH🔊)

« Toucy fait son Show (Toucy’s show)»(Our hosts share the results of their workshops and make us feel how young adults live in a small village on the countryside of France. We hope you will enjoy!)
TOUCY FAIT SON SHOW (Toucy’s Show) – Who we are(Our participants interview each other to present themselves and get to know better the group and our hosting venue.)
TOUCY FAIT SON SHOW (Toucy’s Show) – To live in the countryside(Our hosts share with us how is to live in the countryside, the goods and the bads)

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