We will show you how to organize a debate during a radio workshop
Before the participants arrive, let’s set up the radio studio. It is very important to be a quiet and pleasant place. Take the time to check that everything is working well so that you can be as quiet as possible during your workshop.
Once everyone has arrived, you can do some icebreakers and energizers to create a relaxed atmosphere and get to know each other.
Then ask the participants to :

  • Think about a topic that they would like to talk about.

It can be a topic that is important to them, that they care about.

  • Ask participants to write down the theme(s) they have chosen on a piece of paper, and then group them into macro themes. For this you can ask them to specify their theme and how they want to talk about it.
  • Still discussing with the participants, create affirmative statements based on the topics.
  • Assign the tasks. You need one or more journalists, guests and a technical person.
  • Write down the guide sheet of your radio show, i.e. the timetable. This is important to give a framework and not to get lost in an endless debate.
  • Set up the debate thermometer.

… 3, 2, 1 the show starts.

Before finishing the workshop, trainers can offer a playful evaluation of the workshop.