“Belonging should give you security.”

“Belonging to culture, tradition and religion is good as long as it does not turn into being intolerant, creating borders and hate.”

“Belonging: it is easier to erase the past, nevertheless you won’t belong completely.”

Theoretical Background

In most dictionaries, “belonging” is defined in relation to places, situations, or people, to have an affinity or a secure, close, or intimate relationship with those. It is defined as being in the right place or situation and feeling happy and comfortable there or with a particular group of people.

Belonging involves more than simply being acquainted with other people. It is being part of a group built on intimate relationships where we feel understood, recognised, accepted, and valued. It is to have a place where you are known and know others and where you experience meaningful mutual support.

Belonging exists at the intersection of respect, community, and connectedness. Intimacy, vulnerability, and contribution also create a sense of belonging. Shared beliefs or ideals, a supportive environment, self-esteem, and opportunities for interaction can influence the development of a sense of belonging in an individual.

The perception that one has of the self in relation with the community is also very important. The sense of belonging is the psychological feeling of belonging or connectedness to a social, spatial, cultural, professional, or other type of group or a community. It is also the belief, and expectation that one fits in the group and has a place there, a feeling of acceptance by the group, and a willingness to sacrifice for the group. The person that belongs feels themselves to be an integral part of the system of environment.

Societies are diverse and when it comes to enabling as many people as possible to belong to society, it is important to understand how feelings of belonging develop and what can be done to create belonging.



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to be in the right place or a suitable place (Cambridge Dictionary)
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