Your Workshop is finished. Congratulations, you have helped people to make their own podcast.


Part 1: To avoid losing control, it is recommended to organize the recorded tracks. To do this, we name the tracks and mark them in color. This makes editing much easier,

Part 2: It is time for the arranging. For example, you have to make sure that the jingle is really at the beginning of the podcast, that the order of the contributions is correct and that the outro is at the end.

Part 3: Now comes the actual editing part. Trim the audio so that it is right. Cut out noise, uhms, and distortions. Shorten the contributions so that they are easy to listen to. You can also insert transitions to make the listening experience even smoother.

Part 4: Now adjust the volume of the recordings so that nothing is overdriven and everything is at a relatively similar level.

Part 5: Finally, you can add a few small effects to spice up the listening experience. Delay and reverb, for example, are suitable for this. But be careful: Don’t overdo it! Less is usually more!

When you have edited your podcast, you can upload it on the internet!