To start recording or to livestream a show can be a stressful situation for some participants. Make sure that they are at ease and propose some techniques to release the tension and the stress:

    • Breathing exercises
    • Short activities to familiarize participants to the use of the microphone
    • Shake the stress out of your bodies
    • Make voice projection exercises

    💡 The most important is to convey emotions through the mic, to help your participants to connect with emotions you can suggest to find their oldest radio memory and to share it with the group.
    As facilitators we should guide the participants until they find their own rhythm respecting their choices. Decide as a group how you will structure the show and define the roles of each participant so everybody can feel included and represented (roles like: host, journalist, technician, interviewee etc…) you can, of course alternate the roles during the show.
    To give an identity to the broadcast, ask the participants to give it a name (by vote or otherwise) and to create a jingle (people can sing, play instruments, and use their bodies…). The idea is to make a short and easy to remember music.
    Remember to train your participants with some of the basic journalistic principles, the host needs to bear in mind the 5 W questions: Who , What , When , Where , Why to introduce themselves and the topic in a dynamic way.
    To maintain the audience attention, we already addressed the importance of emotions and we are now adding the TOPIC that participant should chose: a topic that touches them or they feel represented by in order to communicate better their emotions, engagements and reach others with their unique point of view.
    💡 Be aware that if the participants get bored the audience will certainly be very much bored.
    Don’t forget that your listeners are blind, they can only refer to your sound and words:

      • Speak as close to the microphone as possible, standing upright with your feet on the floor. You can work on your posture with icebreakers.
      • Name the participants, describe what is happening, keep the momentum going!