Before the workshop. Prepare you equipments !

Before starting the workshop, it is important to check the technical set-up to record proprely and afterwards to stream.

To set up your radio studio, connect the XLR cable from the microphone to the recorder. Don’t forget to plug headphones in order to hear precisely what your are recording. Once everything is set up, insert an SD Card into the recorder. Turn on the recorder and press the red button (REC). This is recording. At the end of your record press stop.

Always take a backup of your audio file. Insert your SD card in a computer and save it. Edit the sound with an audio edition software such as Audacity or Reaper. Share it live on Facebook with a streaming software such as OBS Studio orĀ  in an online audio distribution platform such as Soundcloud.

If you can’t have access to recording equipment, you can use your phone. Just like using a professional recorder or a microphone, put the phone as close as possible to the sound source. This intend to get the clearer and cleaner sound as possible.